Service under control

If your service technicians work in the field, then the bs4 mobile app is must-have equipment for their toolboxes. It is a handy knowledge repository about clients, reported defects, previous fixes, and more.

At the same time, the application provides organizational solutions for all related processes. Thanks to the identification of the closest serviceman, It ensures quick response times to issues. It can also improve the transfer and archiving of protocols. It can receive and transfer parts orders and fulfill many other functions.

In a word, it ensures a good organization of the service so that the processes are profitable and effective, and the customer is satisfied.

Indispensable support for your employees

The bs4 mobile app contains multiple solutions that can support your servicemen in the field. The end customization of these solutions depends on the specific needs of your company.

In addition to the full client info, the bs4 mobile app stores a series of useful data. For example, a company that sales and services vending machines can have a separate card for each of them. Every card can store data about the machine's condition, location, or repairs. A service technician who will arrive at the place after receiving a report can check with several clicks whether such a problem has already occurred and based on the full history, can diagnose the machine more precisely.

Directly from the application, the employee can also take a picture as a documentation of a fault or repair, and thus start the workflow of the document in the system. We can configure specific types of forms, which are filled in after the repair, and based on them the system generates protocols. Moreover, it can automatically send them to clients via e-mails.

Such organized processes ensure large time savings, normally dedicated to administrative works. In many cases, this is a big saving for the company.

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Current info - who, what, when, and where?

Thanks to the location function in the bs4 mobile app, a fieldwork coordinator for the service technicians can see their locations and their current or planned assignments.

In the event of an urgent report, one can easily check which employee is nearby. One can check the tasks of the groups of servicemen on the graphical scheduler, and rearrange them if necessary. Such operations can be executed both from the desktop and the mobile version of the system.

Check specific examples of bs4 mobile applications in the field of service -> [link]

What else does bs4 mobile offer?

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