Clear maps and location

How is fieldwork organized in your company? Everyone moves out with a plan on where to go?

What happens in case of delays or additional urgent assignments?

A bs4 mobile app is an essential tool for the effective organization of fieldwork. Thanks to maps and location, efficient planning and control are easy, and in critical or unexpected situations, it provides crucial solutions.

Good manager's assistant

The location functions for the managers are more than just control of employees' daily activities. Beyond the capability to check the route or time spent in a given place, it provides an overall scope of the situation. In real-time, you can see who is closest to the place of urgent reporting or in case of an emergency, who is closest to replace a colleague.

Reaction time is usually the most import in urgent situations - with the app you can decrease it to a minimum, by eliminating the time needed to contact the employees to check where they are, what are they doing or if they can replace their colleagues, or answer an urgent assignment.

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Tool for every employee

The maps in the app make it easy to plan a daily route. Not only they show the road, but also specific points - these can be the locations of partners or contractors who are worth a visit, depending on the configuration. The information about an object can be displayed in graphical or text form on the map.

In the system, we can configure many different maps, where each of them will illustrate, for example, various characteristics of contractors or their other type. The customers, depending on their type or kind of purchased service, can be marked with different icons. The map may also show the wheels around points that will graphically illustrate the value of purchases in a given period or other customer data.

We can give a wide spectrum of map customization capabilities in this area, depending on the needs of a company. We can suit the functionality of the system to the specifics of the trade in your enterprise.

What else does bs4 mobile offer?

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