Dedicated manager's dashboard

Various positions in the company require daily access to different types of data in the CRM system. A salesperson is frequently browsing clients' information and e-mails, a serviceperson checks its tasks list and a manager checks goals progress for the specified month.

Each of them needs only one app on their landing page - the bs4 mobile - to have an individually selected set of the most important information.

Dedicated starting page for everyone!

We can customize a manager's desktop for individual employees or whole groups. One for salespersons and a similar for the marketing department or a unique dashboard for the CEO, unavailable for other users.

On such start screens, we place any data from the system - these can be links to specific reports or inboxes, charts, calendar, as well as links to actions in the application, eg adding a new contractor or task.

The better your employees define what is most useful for them, the more functional our app will be for them. What's more, our solutions are not rigidly programmed, so even when using the system, we can make changes on the desktops of individual employees or their groups, to respond in time to the emergence of new needs or ideas on how to improve work organization.

Our goal is to facilitate access to the information used and browsed on a daily basis so that employees can spend more time at the heart of the job, which brings real benefits to their company.
We are focused on high system optimization, to ensure the most profits for your company, while at the same saving employees time, otherwise spent on administration or information searching.

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