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Licensing requirements

The bs4 mobile app is an integral part of the CRM software bs4 smart and bs4 ultra, dlatego aby z niej korzystać konieczna jest licencja również na jeden z poniższych systemów.

bs4 ultra

  • The bs4 ultra system is more than a CRM - it is a multifunctional system operated via a browser, recommended for medium to large companies with at least 10 active users.
  • It's a dedicated software - a team of experienced specialists will match it not only to your trade but also to the individual specifics of your company.
  • The software license is available in 18 convenient installments. Thanks to that, you do not have to invest a large sum upfront, and you can resign at any time.
  • What is more, the bs4 ultra is an on-premise software, which means it is installed directly on the client's server. Thanks to that, your company will have full control of all of the data.

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bs4 smart

  • The bs4 smart program includes key functionalities of the CRM system, and it's a simplified solution for small companies. We recommend it for 2 to 9 active users.
  • It has ready-made solutions to be able to use it immediately, and at the same time, we enable customization to your company's specifics.
  • You pay a low, fixed amount monthly for the bs4 smart system, and we comprehensively deal with the server (in the cloud) and all technical issues.

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moduł bs4 mobile do systemu bs4 ultra
39PLN net per user / month
  • It applies exclusively to the bs4 mobile module.
bs4 smart
68PLN net per user / month
  • Dotyczy całego pakietu bs4 smart pro, w którym zawarty jest dostęp do aplikacji.