Dream assistant for the salesman

How often during the week your salespersons mistake customers and orders or can't remember earlier agreements with a client? Or they are not ready for conversation when a client calls without notice?

These are all normal, human errors, however, they have a substantial impact on your customers' satisfaction and relations. We are unfortunately not able to remember all the specifics when managing multiple customers at one time, and that's when technology comes to save the day!

Conversations assistant in the bs4 mobile app is an answer to common problems related to customer service. It provides precise information about the contractor that calls you (or to whom you're making the connection), right at the perfect place and time.

Conversations assistant in the bs4 mobile app is an answer to common problems related to customer service. It provides precise information about the contractor that calls you (or to whom you're making the connection), right at the perfect place and time.
Due to technical reasons, conversations assistant is only available for Android devices.

Identifying phone numbers

When making a call, the bs4 mobile will recognize the number, if it's located in any of the contractors' cards. It's one of the multiple advantages of the app - there is no need to write down phone numbers on the mobile. They are available on all the company mobiles as long as they are saved in the desktop CRM. Depending on the company size and the number of salespersons, such a simple thing could be a gigantic time saver.

Jednocześnie dbamy o bezpieczeństwo tych danych i możemy ograniczać ich widoczność w zależności od poziomu uprawnień użytkownika.

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Go to Google Play and install the bs4 mobile app with a single button
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Enjoy the benefits of using bs4 mobile system

One-click to access the brief info about the interlocutor

After recognizing the number, a button will appear on the screen, which, after just one click, expands and shows the previously configured information about the client. We can tailor them individually, to your company's needs, by putting info, which is key for your traders during conversations with the clients. These can be any data from their cards, for example, last orders, unpaid invoices, tickets opened, or currently selected subscription or service type.

If a number is not associated with any customer, then an app will display a context menu that will allow you to add it to a new or existing card.

Second click to open the full contractor's card

The window that opens when clicking for the first time includes a link to the contractor's full card. Often such full info about a client consists of multiple different tabs, which is why it is so important to customize the system correctly - our app lets you decide which tabs should be displayed first. Despite this, other cards are easily accessible by swiping to the left or right.

The bs4 conversations assistant is brilliant in its simplicity. It takes one click to access the brief info and the second to get to the full card. Traders can have all the information at hand, in a second or two.
How much can happiness of your company's customers increase if they will be served in such a professional way? Without waiting for the salesperson to find information and no frustration associated with mistakes.

What happens after the call?

The application facilitates a quick introduction of the issues covered by the conversation to the system. You can register a specific event with one click, dictate a note, or make changes to the order.
What's more, thanks to integration with the CRM system, all these data are immediately accessible to all the authorized users (not only mobile ones).

The questions should be - what happens in your company after the call?

This is where the system's customizability comes to play. We can create specific paths in the conversations assistant to significantly speed up salespersons work.

If they're often taking phone orders - we can add a "Make an order" button in every card, so that after each conversation (or even during one), a salesperson can add a ticket for the client. Thanks to this, the order will immediately go directly to those responsible for them, and the trader will save a lot of time, which would normally be devoted to the transmission of information.

This is a great way to use the app effectively. First of all, your company can save a lot by restricting the administrative duties of the salespersons. Secondly, you benefit from satisfied customers, who are quickly receiving their orders - the pace of order execution is a very important competitive advantage.

Współpraca z systemem stacjonarnym

Handlowcy, mimo że pracują często w biurze, z notebookiem lub komputerem stacjonarnym, zwykle do klientów dzwonią ze służbowej komórki, aby połączenia zwrotne otrzymywać zawsze na smartfona. Wymaga to zapisywania wszystkich numerów lub każdorazowo ręcznego wybierania. Z kolei, kiedy dzwoni klient, pojawia się nagła potrzeba wyszukania informacji na jego temat, np. ostatnich zleceń, czy zamówień. Z systemem bs4 ultra i aplikacja bs4 mobile ułatwiamy te zadania!

Aby zadzwonić do klienta, wystarczy kliknąć jego numer telefonu w stacjonarnym systemie – na telefonie natychmiast wyskoczy odpowiednie połączenie do potwierdzenia! Jeśli to klient nawiązuje połączenie na komórkę handlowca zalogowanego do stacjonarnego systemu, w przeglądarce wyskoczy dymek z najważniejszymi informacjami o kliencie. Następnie można go kliknąć, aby przejść do pełnej kartoteki kontrahenta. Dzięki temu już w trakcie rozmowy można doczytać wszystko o kliencie lub wprowadzać notatki z rozmowy.

Poza systemem bs4 ultra oraz bs4 mobile powyższe funkcjonalności wymagają bezpłatnej aplikacji Kaia Caller ID. System IOS (iPhone) nie pozwala na uzyskanie powyższych funkcjonalności.

What else does bs4 mobile offer?

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