Tasks and tickets schedules

In addition to a convenient calendar, where every employee has access to their tasks, they can view and edit them, schedulers are also of great importance in the application. These are collective reports of tasks or orders of the whole group of employees, presented in an accessible form resembling a calendar divided for each person.

Tasks calendar always at hand

App users have their entire task plan at hand. Regularly, wherever they are, they can make changes in it, instead of putting off everything for the time of returning to the office. Thanks to this, we increase the accuracy of employee planning and the effectiveness of their time use. Each task can be edited with one click and a new one can be added by double-clicking on the given day and time.

The tasks in the calendar have different colors - each type is associated with a specific color, so a glance is enough to find out about our situation. All tasks are related to a contractor whose they concern and are displayed in a tile form, where first letters or word in a sentence are displayed (this information is also customizable).

The user can change the view of the calendar to one day, a week or 3 days, or even move to a specific date. What's more, swiping the screen to the right or left will take you to the next and previous days respectively.

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Tasks scheduler

The standard way to use the scheduler is to show the tasks of groups of employees, to provide the manager with a broad perspective on the entirety of the team's work. At the same time, this solution allows easy management in the event of a new urgent task to be allocated - you can quickly find out which of the employees are less busy or performing minor tasks, and change the order of things or add new tasks.

The scheduler in the app can be additionally used in multiple ways, depending on the configuration. It's not limited to tasks of groups of customers, but also:

  • tickets,
  • resource reservations,
  • deals,
  • many more elements, including the range and displaying criteria.
In conclusion, the schedulers in the app can be used to compile, in the form of a collective calendar, any objects from the system that are in some way related to specific dates and times.
It is a vital organizational element for our customers, that aggregates specific types of data regarding work, enabling quick hang of the current situation and effective management.

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