Handy history of the client

The contractor's information is one of the most valuable resources that your company can obtain. It is a potential whose ultimate value for an enterprise depends on the way it is used.

The bs4 mobile app supports enterprises in maximizing their benefits from managing data in two ways:

  • it simplifies the introduction of information to the system by hand, wherever you are, in a matter of seconds,
  • it provides easy access to the right data at the right time.

You can check directly in the app:

  • basic data, such as addresses or phone numbers,
  • contact persons with their numbers and full contact history,
  • assigned and executed tasks, associated with a specific company,
  • issued invoices, divided into paid and unsettled,
  • full list of opened and closed projects, service tickets, and larger groups of tasks,
  • all closed deals and placed orders,
  • other information, characteristic for your line of work - we can customize a place for any data in the system, such as the type of purchased subscription with details, the specification of the purchased equipment and the history of its repairs.

Each of these information is placed in a separate tab, which can be easily accessible by swiping in the app. Moreover, all the tasks, deals, e-mails, events, and other objects function as clickable links leading to their respective detailed cards.

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Right data at the right time

When do the company representatives most often need quick access to the customer information? During a conversation with him! That is why the bs4 mobile includes a functioning conversation assistant that recognizes numbers related to the client and based on this displays information about it in a second! See details here: conversation assistant.

Furthermore, thanks to the customization capabilities of the system, we can contextually display essential data - for example, in the ticket's card, apart from the related contractor's name, we can show a direct link to the associated e-mail correspondence or a surname and contact to a specific person from the client's company.

In this way, employees servicing orders on a daily basis save a lot of time, which would normally be lost to go to the customer's card and look for the necessary data there.

A great example of using handy information in the app is also using it by service technicians who repair the equipment at the customer's -> [link]

For technical reasons, the conversation assistant functionality (numbers identification) is available on Android devices only.

What else does bs4 mobile offer?

See the full list of functions separated into Android and iPhone