Accessible e-mails and mesages

Proper organization of the method of transferring information between field employees and the company ensures a great saving of time on both sides. This is why functions crucial for internal communications were programmed into the bs4 mobile app.

These are the direct contact channels, designed in a way that shortens the messages themselves, forwarding them with a single click, associate with objects they concern.

This way we diminish the time dedicated for administration and the flow of information.

Internal communicator

Messages are sent contextually - only the merit is contained in the message and the details are in the related object (eg the contractor's file, order, e-mail). Correspondence is shorter, so the employees on both sides spend less time writing, reading and replying.

Additional options allow hiding the recipient list, force replying and adding attachments. In turn, the recipient of the message may postpone reading it so as not to interrupt his work - the message won't disappear and will pop up at the given time.

There is a message repository in the system, should the need to check previous arrangements arise.

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Each user of the application has his e-mail box connected to it. He has access to all messages on an ongoing basis, with the ability to reply, archive, or send to colleagues.

An additional feature that makes a huge difference in the organization of e-mail in a company is associating messages with objects in the system. No e-mail remains loosely in the recipient's inbox (which later leads to wasting time searching for important messages), instead, the system recognizes the sender, if we have its address registered, it also recognizes the job number if it is saved in the subject of the message.

What else does bs4 mobile offer?

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