Multifunctional tool designed with field work in mind

It doesn't matter whether you're a salesperson, a service worker, or a CEO.

Bs4 mobile is your must-have out of office!

Contacts database, a planner, access to what is going on in the company, and other employees.

Triple advantage

A mobile assistant that will make your life easier

A mobile app that will:

  • assist you during phone calls,
  • remember your activities,
  • inform you about tasks and deals,
  • show you incoming messages from your coworkers,

Register voice messages, quickly find directions to the client, reply to an email.

Desktop CRM will provide your bs4 mobile app with data

Bs4 mobile is just the tip of an iceberg. There is a bs4 smart or bs4 ultra system behind it. It is a powerful CRM, software for workflow or task management in the company, that is integrated and all from the same developer.

Thanks to that, you will never have to rewrite data. Everything you type will go directly to people working in the main bs4 system on-site. On the other hand, things your coworkers are working on will be available on your mobile. No more calls to the office to ask for information.

The integration of a mobile network with a company's CRM.

Can't pick up a call from a very important client? Don't worry. Customer service has already been informed about it and is ready to deal with the issue at hand.

Are you working with a desktop CRM but still want to call the clients via a cellphone? Just click on their contact in the CRM, and your phone will dial up their number automatically.

The customer calls you on mobile when you are in the company? Their detailed info will be displayed in the bs4 ultra on your computer automatically.

Try out bs4 mobile!

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Install an app
Go to Google Play and install the bs4 mobile app with a single button
Select the 'demo' option on the start screen and fill in the form
Receive an e-mail
You will receive access data to your demo via e-mail in just a few minutes.
Sign in and use!
Enjoy the benefits of using bs4 mobile system

Example functions

See how it works in practice!

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