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How to organize a salesperson job well and provide him with all the information at the right time? At the client, he makes notes on the laptop, he has something on a piece of paper from an internal meeting, and on the road, he is called on the phone and writes a note on it. The data is scattered, and moving it to one place takes his most valuable time.

How much can your company profit from reducing administrative tasks like these among salespersons? And how much can it benefit if they are always well prepared because all information is at hand?

A smartphone is a must-have tool for a salesperson, and that's why this type of device is a natural medium that we have used as a complex aggregate of information for salespersons. Thanks to bs4 mobile they have everything they need for effective sales, always at hand.

First of all - full client information

In our system, all customer data is sorted in the appropriate tabs so that finding the only, at the time necessary, information is as easy as possible. There are also multiple browsers in the app, which additionally help with accessing the data. Thanks to the customization capabilities of the app, both the search criteria and columns in the reports can be tailored to the needs of employees to maximally shorten the path to information and save time for activities that do not bring direct profit to the company.

Among these data are:

  • contact information,
  • full correspondence with the client,
  • reports of offers, invoices, tickets and tasks,
  • all events, such as phone calls (with notes), meetings etc.,
  • orders history,
  • and many more.

We can freely customize the data in the system - by adding various fields for information, which are useful for your salespersons.

We can freely customize the data in the system - by adding various fields for information, which are useful for your salespersons.

Secondly - reliable contact with the customer

We have implemented an innovative solution in our app - a conversation assistant. This function detects phone numbers assigned to the contractors' cards, and provides information about the caller (and a link to his full card) in a matter of seconds, for both incoming and outgoing calls. We can also freely configure what this information will be, depending on the needs of your traders.

Thanks to this solution, phone contacts with the customers are always reliable and substantial. We rule out any mistakes and waiting times, allowing the salesperson to find appropriate data. In this situation, customer satisfaction skyrockets!

See more information here: conversation assistant.

The users of the app can also access their e-mail accounts, where they can use all of its functionalities - reading, replying, forwarding or associating with objects in the system. More information here: e-mail account and messages.

For technical reasons, the conversation assistant functionality (numbers identification) is available on Android devices only.

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Thirdly - the entire sales process

We can recreate entire organizational processes, both in the mobile and desktop versions of the system. In the case of sales, it is usually a series of events, starting from first phone calls, through meetings, sending offers, negotiations, and closures.

This way we can help traders, who are servicing multiple clients, to track the progress of individual processes so that they won't get lost in hundreds of meetings, calls, and offers. The system remembers all of these events, additionally providing their previews or adding notes. It can also display reminders about sending an offer or a scheduled contact regarding a price proposal.

With the bs4 mobile application, every customer is professionally served, from the beginning to the end. Nothing is lost, and nobody forgets about calls, reminders, and meetings.

The system includes different types of reports that can also be adapted to the company's needs - such as, for example, statements of paid or unpaid invoices, open offers or showing the stage in which clients with the highest priority are.

Fourthly - contact with the database

While working in the field, the app provides a steady connection to the company - by giving a current view of issues at hand and effective contact with coworkers. For good work organization, the external and internal communications are separated, to the internal messaging system and e-mails accordingly.

The system also allows associating individual processes or contractors with specific messages and e-mails. It is particularly useful when, for example, there is a need to consult a discount with a superior - instead of picturing the whole situation in a message, a salesperson can associate a card or a process with a short question: "Can we give them a 20% discount?". Thanks to that, internal communication is brief and on point, and both sides save time used for writing, reading and replying.

More information here: communicator and inbox.

Fifth - results control

It is a very important course of action for sales departments to set up and control goals. In the application, we can configure individually set goals, to which the level of implementation the employee will have permanent access, to further motivate to achieve them. It's also an essential tool for managers - they can control the results of both individual members and whole teams.

The app includes additional functions such as tracking the routes of the salespersons (see: maps and localization), and intercepting missed calls from the customers (see more: conversation assistant).

Each senior employee can have his own manager's desktop in the app, consisting of frequently used reports, charts, and various links (to different objects in the system). More information: dedicated manager's desktop.

See a specific example of using the application for the sales department - > [link]

What else does bs4 mobile offer?

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